What is hidn tempo?

hidn tempo™ is a stress coach that helps you manage stress through 3 steps:

awareness. knowledge. action.™

What do I get?

A smartwatch for stress


The hidn tempo™ watch band measures your stress levels via Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). By analysing this data in real time, hidn tempo™ can identify when you experience stress regardless of any physical activity. This helps you become aware of when, how and where you experience stress. 

Building awareness is the first and most crucial step to managing stress and this is where most other solutions leave you, but we don’t stop there.

A mobile app


The hidn tempo™ app shows you how much and when you are experiencing stress.If your stress levels are increasing the hidn tempo™ app will alert you to log what’s happening by answering 3 simple questions, with a simple tap on the screen. The visual feedback from your logging will help you build knowledge about your stress factors and allows hidn tempo™ to continuously analyse your values and learn more and more about your stress factors.

And a custom training program


hidn tempo™ helps you take action by teaching you how to change your stressful habits or do relaxation exercises. These guided sessions are designed by professional therapists and psychologists and they are constantly evolving as you get better at controlling your stress.

The hidn tempo™ app provides you with a self learning, custom-made training program. It gives you insights and actions that you can easily apply into your daily life at your own pace.

hidn tempo™ for fitbit

hidn tempo for fitbit design concept

A free stress monitor

hidn tempo™ for fitbit charge HR, fitbit surge and fitbit blaze is a free app for android and iOS that uses the heart rate monitor and accelerometer in fitbit’s to measure your stress levels. The app shows you your stress levels during the day, week and month.

Explore your Stress Dynamics™

Stress Dynamics™ shows you what kind of stress profile you are. It measures how high you peak and how often, if you get good recovery and your over all time spent in a stressfull mode during the day, week or month. This will give you a good view of your over all stress level in your daily life.


hidn recovery™ - high accuracy sleep monitoring


Sleep state monitor

hidn recovery is a sleep state monitor. It combines GSR and movement to actively monitor you sleep states. It records when you move from one state to another and gives you feedback of how long and during what periods you have been in different sleep states. This tool is used to give you more insight about the quality of your sleep.


GSR vs. accelerometer

When you move through different sleep states you move a little. But trying to determine sleep states through just movement is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. There’s just not enough information to do valid calculations and estimates on.
GSR does however react to your internal processes and they differ a lot when you sleep, even if you are not moving. By using a combination of GSR and motion hidn recovery can monitor your sleep states with extremely high accuracy.


For private and medical use

hidn recovery is not a medical device but can be used by both individauls and health professionals. It’s an affordable way to measure, monitor and analyse your sleep states. The information can then be used to make individual programs of how to improve your sleep and make your general health better.